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Grab a chance to earn on financial market


Contest on demo accounts

Win 1000 USD and the newest

iPhone 13 Pro!



Win iPhone 13 Pro
and 1000$ on your trading account!

Get up to 1000 USD on your real trading account.

Special prize: the newest iPhone 13 Pro
to winner who increases initial deposit more than 50 times!   




Register in the contest in Personal Office


Open contest demo account with 5000 USD virtual balance


Trade and get into top 10 winners with highest profit



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01. How to participate in trading consest?

You need to open free demo account with NPBFX in Personal Office to take part in trading contest. 5000 USD will be automatically credited to your contest account.

02.  What does contest account mean?

Contest account is a special demo-account in NPBFX trading platform MetaTrader4.

03. When is duration of the contest?

Duration of the contest is one calendar month, from first to last day of the month. Contest runs on a monthly basis.

04. How to win in the contest?

Contestants holding one of Top 10 places with biggest profit from initial funds during the contest will be announced as Winners of the Contest. Winners will be awarded with prizes only if they increased their initial funds minimum on 30% and closed minimum 10 trades on contest demo account.

05. What prizes winners will get?

Prizes of the Contest will be distributed among the winners of the Contest as follows: 1 place – 1000$; 2 place – 500$; 3 place – 200$; 4-5 place – 150$; 6-10 place – 100$. Special prize iPhone 13 Pro will be awarded to the contestant who takes the first place in the Contest and manages to increase initial deposit minimum up to 50 times.

06. What financial instruments are available on contest account?

Contestants can use any trading instruments of currency and commodity market (brent oil, gas, spot metals) and derivative markets (CFDs on stock indices) as well as instruments of the cryptocurrency market which are accessible on contest demo accounts.

07. What trading strategies can be used on contest account?

Contestants can use any trading strategies including algorithmic trading.

08. How to monitor results of contest?

You can check results and progress of contest in Monitoring of contest.

09. How to get prize funds?

Prize funds are credited to balance of real trading account in NPBFX brokerage company and are available for trading operations. Profit accrued on trading operations on prize funds is fully available for withdrawals.

10. How to get iPhone 13 Pro as a prize?

Special prize iPhone 13 Pro is sent to the winner by post or in cash equivalent of 1000 USD based on agreement with winner.